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What to expect from the Best Digital Marketing Company

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The simple answer to this is desired results¬†ūüėÄ

Now let’s come to the point,

Here’s a list of things you can expect from the best Digital Marketing Company,

  • The best company provides guidance on what Digital Marketing (DM) Services can be applied to a particular company to get maximum profit in terms of time and money.
  • It considers the budget and return on investment (ROI) factors while giving the suggestions.
  • It focuses on result-oriented work.
  • One thing to understand is, Digital Marketing Requirements vary company to company, so the best Digital Marketing Company uses different strategies to get expected results.

Now let’s talk about Digital Marketing in detail. Some common queries related to it are answered below,

What Services does a Digital Marketing Company provide?

It provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services.

Many companies are taking advantage of these Digital Marketing Services to reach their target audience easily. Some are using SEO Services to give visibility to their company via search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing, while some are using SMM services to reach their audience via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, while some are using PPC (paid) Services to rank on the first page of search engines like Google via Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

Each of these services plays a very important role in the company’s growth. In most of the cases, the company can choose one of the Digital Marketing Services to increase its customer base and profit margins.

All these services can be applied to product industry like (Jewelry Companies, Clothing Companies and so on) as well as service industry like (Hotels, Schools and so on).

Are Digital Marketing Services Costly?99plusitsolutions -contactus

No. The return on investment (ROI) exceeds the amount of money invested in DM Services. You just need to be careful in selecting the right kind of DM Services.

What roles does a DM company play?

There are different roles that are being played by a DM Company. It works like a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company while working on SEO projects, it works like a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Agency while working on SMM projects and It works like a Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Firm while working on PPC projects. It depends on what projects are being worked on.

Which company provides the best Digital Marketing Services?

We as a Digital Marketing Company provide all the above services at attractive prices in Los Angeles (LA) and in all the other cities of USA. Contact us on +1 (805) 267 9746 or Email us your requirements at You can also visit our Digital Marketing Services Page for more information on our services.

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digital marketing, search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing

Terms Related to Digital Marketing & It‚Äôs Benefits to Businesses


In this blog, let’s explore some famous terms used for Digital Marketing.

  1. Online Marketing Services: Includes all the types of Digital Marketing Services like SEO, SMM & PPC.
  2. Internet Marketing Services: Includes all kinds of Online Marketing Services.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services: It is an Organic Digital Marketing (DM) service used to improve website’s ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
  4. Content Writing Services: SEO Based content is written in the web pages or blog pages of the company’s website to improve the ranking results on the various search engines.
  5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services: Includes Organic + Paid DM (PPC) Services.
  6. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services: Includes creating posts on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on to reach unlimited target audience over the
  7. Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services: Includes optimization of all the social media profiles of the company.
  8. Social Media Branding: Includes establishing company’s name as a brand by using social media strategies on different social media platforms.
  9. Social Media Promotion: Includes promotion of a company’s services or products on social media by using social media tools and techniques.
  10. Reputation Management: Building a positive image/reputation of the company in the eyes of potential customers to increase the sales of the company.
  11. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services: Includes Paid Services. Google AdWords is commonly used for PPC. The company pays to the search engine (Google or Bing) when a user clicks on the website link.
  12. Online Advertising Services: Includes all the kinds of Ads used for promotion on search engines as well as social media platforms, like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Display ads, Bing Ads and so on.

What’s the use of Digital Marketing Services to grow businesses?

Considering the use of these services to grow businesses, all of these provide huge benefits in increasing sales and customer base of the company. Both Product and Service Industry can reap the benefits from Digital Marketing Services.  Small, Medium and Large (Enterprise) all the size companies get benefited from Digital Marketing Services.

The company just needs to be careful while selecting the type of Digital Marketing services to promote its product or services as each of these services give different results.

Which companies provide the above services?

Companies Termed as Digital Marketing Company or Search Engine Optimization Company or Social Media Marketing Agency or Pay Per Click Advertising Company provides all these kinds of services.

We as a Digital Marketing Agency offer Best Digital Marketing Services at attractive prices in Los Angeles (LA), and in all the other cities of USA, Canada, and Australia. To know more about these services and our work, call us on +1 (805) 267 9746 or Email us at

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Is your website PPC Ad ready?

PPC Paid Ads in Los Angeles

Two common myths about Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

  1. Once the bidding process for PPC Ad is completed the website will rank in the first position & on the first page of Google.
  2. PPC Ads are always successful as they are the paid ones.

Frankly speaking, that’s not true. PPC campaigns are costly and sometimes the keywords don’t rank as per our expectation not because the campaign went wrong but because the website was not ready for a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaign.

How to know whether the website is PPC Ad Campaign ready or not?

If your website has the following issues, be sure that your website is not PPC Ad ready

  • Structure of the website is not as per the search engine‚Äôs guidelines.
  • Content on the website is inappropriate (not according to the product or services offered by the company)
  • Content is duplicated on the website (Google promotes only quality and original content).

When is a website PPC Ad ready then?

If your website fulfills following criteria, be sure that your website is PPC Ad ready

  • Well-structured website i.e. according to the search engine‚Äôs guidelines.
  • A website is filled with Unique and Quality Content.

What are the other things to take care of before starting PPC Ad Campaign?

  1. Budget is fixed as per the current Cost Per Click (CPC) rates.
  2. Budget is finalized as per the ad requirements.
  3. The website is ready for PPC Advertising Campaign
  4. The Competitive Keywords selected for the campaign are worth investing for.
  5. The target audience is fixed (Location, Age, Social Status, Culture, B2B or B2C) as per the company requirements.

What is the mode of running PPC Ads?

  • PPC Ads run via Google AdWords

Who runs Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns?

What are other popular paid AD campaigns used for promoting businesses these days?

  • The few other popular paid ad campaigns used for promoting businesses are Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Two important things to understand in case of paid ads like PPC is,Pay per click advertising company in San Francisco

  1. PPC Ads run only till you keep paying for them on Google.
  2. Bidding is done on a few competitive keywords as per the target audience and the budget of the company so it becomes necessary for the company to be sure from all the sides.

If you are looking for Best and Professional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising services or any other paid ads services in Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco, USA or Toronto, Canada, call us on +1 (805) 267 9746 or Email us your requirements at

We at, 99PLUS IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will also let you know whether your website is PPC ready or it needs certain improvements before going for a Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Campaign so that you get expected results from the ad campaign.

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Is Social Media Marketing all about Likes & Followers?


No, Social Media Marketing is not only about likes and followers.

Let’s see how?

There are two ways people use social media sites,

  1. For Personal Use
  2. For Business

Considering the First option if people use social media sites for personal use then likes and followers are important to many of them.

Considering the Second option if people use social media sites for Business then the number of likes and followers is not the first interest, the focus shifts on converting the visitors on social media sites into long-term customers.

If not only about likes and followers then, what is Social Media Marketing all about?

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) is about increasing the visibility of the company.
  • Social Media Marketing is about reaching¬†a large¬†amount of target audience directly with the help of social media platforms like¬†Facebook,¬†Twitter,¬†and¬†Instagram.
  • SMM is about introducing¬†the concept¬†behind your company‚Äôs products and services easily via regular updates on social media channels.
  • Social Media Marketing is about establishing¬†long-term¬†relationships with the customers.
  • Social Media Marketing is about building a Brand.

Who offers SMM?

A Social Media Marketing Company/Agency or a Digital Marketing Company/Agency offers SMM Services.

What does the Social Media Marketing Company/Agency do?

Social Media Marketing Agency regularly updates your social media feed that helps your company to stay connected with your customers hence social media marketing increases customer loyalty and strengthens customer relationships.

Let’s take an Example of Facebook.

A profile and a Facebook page are created to start with Social Media Marketing of your company’s products or services. Then your products or services are introduced to your target audience/potential customers using various social media techniques. This process is repeated on a regular basis to increase the visibility and customer base of your company.

What happens after that?Contact us for Social Media Marketing Services in Los Angeles

 When the company’s social media profile and company’s social media pages are maintained regularly using various social media strategies then your company gets noticed in the eyes of the target audience and after that many of the potential customers start reaching out to your company directly.

How Social Media Marketing helps the company?

Social Media Marketing creates a win-win situation for you and your customers. Today almost everyone is available on at least one social media channel so with the help of SMM you find your potential customers easily and your customers find you easily.

If you are looking for Best and Professional Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services in Los Angeles(LA) or any other states in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Call us on +1 (805) 267 9746 or Email us your requirements at

You can also visit our SMM Packages page for detail information regarding our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services.

We at 99Plus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also provide other Digital Marketing Services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services & Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services.

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Search Engine Optimization & Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization Services Provider Company

Search Engine Optimization is about the ranking website on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing organically (i.e. without paying money to the search engines)

Various techniques are applied on the website for Search Engine Optimization among them, content writing is the most important one.


The answer is simple, search engine loves original and quality content and therefore it considers the websites having quality content more authorized and ranks them faster.

Content writing is a proven method of Search Engine Optimization to improve website ranking.

When content related to the company’s services or products is added to the website frequently, the website gets lifted up on the search engine pages and this improves its visibility and ranking.

How to add content frequently on the website? 

Content can be frequently added on the website by writing blogs. A Blog page is created on the website where blogs are written on a variety of topics related to the products or services the company offers.

The other advantage of writing blogs is that the target audience gets to know why they should invest in the products or services the company offers.

Does content writing include only Blog Writing?

No, content writing includes website content too. Website content is updated when new products or services get listed on the website.

Which type of companies can go for content writing services?Contact us for Digital Marketing Services in Los Angeles

All the companies going for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services can go for content writing services.

Does content writing always improve website ranking results?

Yes, most of the times content writing improves website ranking results. The only time it does not improve results is when the content is duplicate or not related to the products or services the company offers.

What are the other benefits of content writing?

  1. Content Writing increases a company’s visibility by improving website ranking.
  2. Content Writing increases customer base.
  3. Content Writing increases customers trust and royalty.
  4. Content Writing gives a competitive edge over competitors.
  5. Content Writing brings higher Returns on Investments (ROI).

Who offers content writing services?

A Digital Marketing Company/Firm offers content writing services.

Why go for a Digital Marketing Company/firm for content writing?

Content writing is a part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. Content in the blogs is written by following SEO guidelines to improve website ranking. Website content is also written according to Search Engine Optimization guidelines to improve website ranking. These are the reasons to go for a digital marketing company/firm for content writing services.

For Best and Professional Search engine Optimization Services along with content/blog writing services in Los Angeles (LA), USA, contact us on +1 (805) 267 9746 or Email us your requirements at You can also visit our website for more information.