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Why Businesses Need To Understand The Importance Of Social Media Marketing?

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Before starting the “Why” part, let’s first understand the meaning of Social Media Marketing (SMM).      

What does Social Media Marketing mean?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) basically means marketing company’s products or services on different social media platforms/channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Now let’s come to the “Why” part,

Why businesses need to understand the importance of Social Media Marketing?

Social Media channels are used by a majority of people from different age groups, social status, and interests these days. If effective strategies are used, companies can increase its customer base and earn huge profits from Social Media Marketing.

Benefits of using Social Media Marketing Services (SMM):

  1. Cost effective method of Digital Marketing.
  2. The easiest way to reach potential customers
  3. Regular feedbacks can be collected from customers.
  4. A company can use those feedbacks to improve its products or services, which in turn results in the increase of customers.
  5. Customers’ demands can be managed easily and effectively with SMM.
  6. Customer Relationship increases via SMM, which helps the company to retain old customers and bring new ones.
  7. Customer loyalty increases with the help of SMM.
  8. SMM gives a competitive edge to the company in the market.
  9. With SMM, Return of Investment (ROI) is more than the actual investment.

Disadvantages of NOT using SMM:

  1. The company losses competitive edge as its competitors win the potential customers from SMM.
  2. Building strong Customer Relationship becomes difficult for the company which might result in losing customers.
  3. Social Media absence of the company raises questions in the mind of the customers regarding the company’s availability to assist them in times of need.

How much time does SMM take to show results?

Results will start showing up in 15 days and Proper results can be expected around 6 months.

Is SMM a continuous process?contact us for social media marketing promotion

Yes, SMM is a continuous process. The activities need to be done constantly to increase customer base.

Does SMM always prove beneficial?

No, not always. SMM proves beneficial only when right and effective strategies are used to drive the target audience.

What can go wrong with SMM?

  1. If a right strategy is not used to attract the target audience, a company might not get the desired results.
  2. If SMM is implemented in a wrong way, a company’s reputation might suffer.

How can a company avoid going wrong with SMM?

By selecting the right Digital Marketing Agency/Company for SMM services.

Which company can be trusted for providing Best Social Media Marketing Services?

99Plus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can be trusted for providing Best SMM Services in LA, USA.

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3 thoughts on “Why Businesses Need To Understand The Importance Of Social Media Marketing?”

  1. Thanks for your post. Now, in the Internet ages, each of us is online practically the whole day. Every Any individual or company must have a website or at least a profile on social networks. Nobody really knows why. If We want to exist on the internet, we have to invest. Whether in creating a website or later SEO, internet marketing, linkbuilding, AdWords and others. Without knowing the possibilities offered by the Internet network, we can not talk about the development of online business. If we do not have time to read such interesting articles as the one above, we should report to a specialist who will take care of this. However, I prefer to inspire myself on such blogs and learn how to act on the Internet. SEO is an extremely interesting issue and very wide. This entry is just a drop in the ocean of knowledge that we can get. Thx for your post in this article Regards

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    1. SEO has its own benefits that’s true, we also offer SEO & PPC Services, but Social Media Marketing does not even need a website and can be used by anyone who is interested in marketing their company’s products or services over the globe.


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